Notice of launch of English Station of Huibai Reagent Mall


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Hello. First of all, thank you for your concern and support for Huibai Reagent for a long time!


In order to facilitate foreign users to find products more quickly and timely understand the content of industry information, we set up the "Huibai Reagent" mall English station. HuibaiReagent English Station continues to adhere to the principle of "credibility as the basis of enterprise survival", in the home page set up 5 integrated plates, each plate with clear functions, rich content, convenient for you to quickly obtain the products and services you want information.




Huibai Reagent Merchants City English Station 5 major plate content



1. Product center


At present, we have thousands of biochemical reagent varieties, according to the different packaging specifications of the product pricing, price display at a glance, users can according to the product name or CAS number for product and commodity price inquiries.




2, Promotion Center


We launch special promotion products every week, the price of promotional products absolutely break through the industry low price, in the premise of ensuring quality and high purity, you can buy high quality and cheap biochemical reagents.




3. Information centres


We will disseminate the latest developments of biochemical reagents to you in time, and will share with you the authoritative knowledge of biochemical reagents. We will also show you some of the developments and notifications of Huibai Reagent in this section.




4, integral Mall


After the order is issued by Huibai Reagent Mall, the corresponding points will be deposited according to the amount of money, and the corresponding gifts will be converted according to the amount of the points. Among them the gift also contains the biochemical reagent variety which the time promotion!




Five, about us.


In this section, you can fully understand the brand of Huibai Reagent, including address, contact information, public number, corporate culture, service purposes and a series of information.




We also provide material online download function, biochemical reagent technical support and a series of consultation answers.




Huibai Reagent Mall English Station address: 



Website is still improving, if you have any comments and suggestions welcome to leave a message to us, can also call our website official service hotline 0731-85526025 to tell us, so that we do better, thank you!



Hunan Huipesi Biotechnology Co., Ltd (Huibai Reagent)


7 December 2018